Give back to the community that inspired us to make better education and lives around Senegal

Le Boubou is Committed : 

-We collect school materials and distribute them ourselves, without intermediaries, to local school children.
-We are looking for solutions to develop the existing infrastructure.
-We take advantage of our travels to give some classes. In our own way and the best way.
-In the medium term, we would like to contribute to the creation of new classrooms to improve learning condition



 Senegal: Where it All Began !

Senegal is a country that really seduced us by its culture, its incredible landscapes and an atmosphere very different from the one that gives rhythm to the Parisian life... But the local populations still face many difficulties, especially on an economic and social level. The lack of means is visible in all aspects of daily life, for a large part of the population. We may not be able to save the world, it's true... but we are convinced that we can make a difference, on our scale. The scale of the boubou. And of course, given our passion for this country, we rely on direct contact. Rather than entrusting our funds to massive ONG, we travel to Africa to act humanely, individually, and thanks to the success of a traditional garment like no other.